Mobile applications

To remain on a wave of new technologies, business reacts to technical innovations. Today the most effective solution is development of mobile application for business.

Why it is beneficial for the company:

– Steady increase in the number of mobile applications users

According to the statistics for the last 5 years growth of downloadings of applications grew by 57% a year. The popularity mobile technologies ̆ opens the new market of opportunities ̆ for business including small one.

– Constant contact with the client

Mobile phone in client access 24 hours a day. It is enough to set up a strategy of push-notifications, and the client will automatically be aware of the company’s news, offers and promotions, locations of the nearest offices and prices around the clock.

– The way to control business indicators

The mobile application is configured to track e-commerce and collect information about purchased goods, the total number of purchases and their value.

Our company provides around-the-clock support and promotion of mobile applications in Google Play and the App Store.


Under the Android platform from 70.000 rubles.
Under the iOS platform from 90.000 rubles.
Promotion on Google Play (1 month) from 15.000 rubles.
Promotion on the App Store (1 month) from 20.000 rubles.


With the necessary technical documentation, the minimum development time for a site is 15 days for one platform.
The prototype, unlike the design, allows you to show animations and transitions between screens before starting to develop. For this reason in our portfolio there is no mobile application which was created without prototyping. Answer: Yes.

For data storage and processing – a server, the approximate cost per year – 20.000 rubles.

Developer account on Google Play, cost per year – $ 25.

Developer account on the App Store, cost per year – $ 100.

But you can leave this job to us and it will cost 20,000 rubles. in year.

Provides a monthly progress report with the attachment of the necessary metrics from the personal account of the application in Google Play and the App Store.