About the project

Represent the Korean company Ilahui in Russia.

Create a landing page for Ilahui and place information about the company on it.

Project stages

  • Collection of necessary information about the company;
  • Drafting and approval of technical documentation for the project;
  • Creation and approval of the prototype and design layout of the site;
  • Programming and layout of the site;
  • Testing the site for errors;
  • Adaptation and implementation of the site;
  • Support and promotion.

Competent landing page provides the influx of target customers, increases conversion and provides a competitive advantage for the company. Unlike multi-page web resource, which provides a lot of information, a landing page gives the user only what is necessary, revealing benefits and stimulating cooperation.
The leadership of Ilahui Russia had turned to us for this decision

Of course, we could describe this project with the text, but decided to leave the link to view Ilahui Russia.