About the project


Provide to the fuel and energy companies the tool for optimization of expenses and effective use of transport at distribution of fuel on gas stations.


Create a system that generates solutions to the mathematical problem of the distribution of fuel in the network of gas stations, taking into account:

Many distributed oil depots

Group parking lots

Many fuel trucks

When calculating the solution, the system should take into account the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of 08.08.1995 N 73 (as amended on 14.10.1999), State Standart 50913-96 “Automobile vehicles for transportation and refueling of petroleum products. Types, parameters and general technical requirements” and other internal regulations of the enterprise.

The program allows

Optimize costs

Formulate a solution to the problem of fuel distribution over the network of gas stations, subject to a variety of restrictions

Generate reporting information and route sheets for drivers

You can specify additional information on number